What Reflects from Within? (V2-P1)

beautiful bloom blooming blossom

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Think about the countless hours that many of us invest in our outward appearance. There is the daily hygiene that goes beyond health and stretches into the realm of vanity. There is also the work outs – walking, running, the gym – that go beyond keeping fit and perhaps cross the line into body image addiction. What about the clothes that are important to us – a requirement, yes, but also sometimes something more than that. We want to look good, feel good, be confident with ourselves.

All of this, within reason, is necessary and healthy. Some of this, beyond the bounds of humility and health consciousness, borders upon pure vanity and self-serving arrogance.

Picture this. What if humanity, in general, focused on projecting a flawless inside – a beaming inner beauty – that was genuine and pure? Imagine the life changing,  world- changing consequences…

Dwell for a minute on what your soul and spirit emanate to you when you close your eyes and visualize your inner self. Is it something to be proud of? Is it something for others to emulate? Are you focusing on what is really important and trying to be as perfect as you can be from the inside out?

There are so many material things and distractions. Outer clutter. To push aside this outer clutter and to dig deep within the well of the universal spirit, to purge the dust and vanity from the inner self and to cleanse it, protect it, nurture it, evolve it, shape it and seek guidance towards perfecting it – now that would be a journey worth taking for all of us.

Consider it. If you had one car for your entire life, would you treat it differently than perhaps you treat your car now? If you had one friend, would you treasure that person any differently in your life than how you may do presently? You have one body – and to honor it and treat it properly from a health and respect perspective is certainly to be strived for. You have one soul/spirit. It lasts you for eternity – through this life and beyond. This should be our primary focus. To cherish it, love it, nurture it, cleanse it and protect it, allow it to grow and evolve and to be the shining example of what we are.

We are spiritual beings within a physical body. Reflect upon your being. Be true to it and never stop the perpetual improvement process that it deserves and demands from you should you truly succeed in spiritual development.

Goodbye for now. – KGM


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