Be Positive (V1 P6)


You are what you eat, feel, manifest, project…insert one of many words here and they will be partially, if not wholly, accurate. The most impactful feeling and projection to your physical, mental and spiritual life is this: If you are positive, you will be positive in your projections of outward energy to others as well as in your attractions of energy towards you.

The power of prayer, the power of positive thinking, the power of confidence in oneself, etc. All of these are based on two things – faith and the belief that one can manifest something better by visualizing it and “making it happen”.

When you are positive you will be more clear in your thoughts, you will be more focused on being a caring and generous person, you will project to yourself and to others that you are one to be admired, followed, and listened to. On the contrary, a negative person drags themselves and others down and projects skepticism, avoidance and a dark cloud of energy.

A positive person and outlook provide for a more focused and self less path. A negative person and outlook provide for a less focused and more self-centered or selfish path.

Hope is the offspring of positivity. Without hope, we are indeed hopeless. Live to be positive and you will truly live.

Goodbye for now.


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