Notes – May 23rd – Self Help V1P3

Before answering the questions posed in V1P2 (May 22nd), one must know what it is that one wants. It must be know with clarity and conviction. It must be defined for oneself and understood.

To elaborate on this consider the following.

What is your mantra? What do you pray for? What does your inner self show to you in brief glimpses over time? All of these are important parts of defining how we want to look and feel. You may have a good idea right now with no further introspection necessary. You may be clueless You are most likely somewhere in the space between.

The space between. What an enormous thought. What a wide span of territory and how so important to our future it is. One must “see” the space between in some big sky overview kind of way. The details of the points on each side must be crystal clear, however, and they consist of where you are and where you want to be.

Think of a plant that you have. You are charged with caring for it and you have an idea of how to do so. You envision a beautiful, growing, living thing with perhaps aroma and color and energy coming to fruition at some future date. What choices do you have to make to achieve that end? Would you do more or less for yourself?

In order to look and feel a certain way you have got to “earn it”. It will not come from osmosis. Part of this comes from what you tell yourself day in and day out – your mantra. Some of this comes from what you put out into the universe in prayer, mediation, quiet thought. Ask and you shall receive.

More to come on this soon. Until then, goodbye for now


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