Notes – May 22nd – Self Help V1P2

One sleeps and feels well rested. There is a surge in energy and both physical and mental health are improved. The rejuvenated body attacks the day with a fervor and the new-found energies parlay into more energy exertion.

The heart, the muscles and nervous system are all beneficiaries. The rejuvenated mind makes better decisions, is more alert and functions closer to peak efficiency. The peace and spiritual energy generated within oneself as a result of rest, energy exertion, endorphin production and the churning of all systems in unison results in a spiritual high of sorts.

All systems go. Go or No-Go, that is the question.

So how do we consistently make the right choices(as referred to in V1P1 of May 20th)? How does one look and feel the way that we would like to look and feel? With each day comes a multitude of multiple choices. What time shall I wake? What will I eat today and when will I eat  it? How will I embrace the work and life challenges that I must face today? Who will I show affection towards? Will I let the negative forces and energies that I confront do damage to my world? Etc., etc., etc.

Your responses, your actions, your choices will mold you in both the short-term and the long-term. They will also affect the balance that you possess with others.

Before you can answer these questions, you have to know what it is that you want. You must know with clarity and conviction. It may take time to develop this and it will most certainly morph over time, but it must eventually be defined for oneself and understood.

Next time we will discuss your mantra. Until then, goodbye for now.


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