Notes – May 20th – Self Help V1P1

Some humans are predisposed to certain ill-fated health situations through genetic misfortune. Others are at the mercy of severe socio-economic conditions and not truly granted free will and decision options specific to their health and well-being.

But, generally speaking, all of us look and feel the way that we want to look and feel. Now, there are some God-given limitations – we must work with the tools that we are blessed with. However, let me say it again, generally all of us look and feel the way that we choose to look and feel. With choice, free choice, comes the responsibility to accept the outcomes of those decisions and choices that we make.

There are some loose parameters that we are bound to adhere to. But one can and must and does prioritize. It is all about desire and outcome. It hinges sometimes on will power. But ultimately we decide.

I am speaking of both physical and spiritual health.

Let us look at the foundations of physical health and well-being. The building blocks of a healthy core are sleep, diet and exercise. The ancillary support system to these physical building blocks are spiritual and mental well being. Mind, body and spirit are all connected and through progress towards goodness in one area we generate a by-product of slight improvement in another area.

Our next post will deal with “All Systems  – Go or No Go”.

Goodbye for now.


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