And so it begins…

My journey here begins today. Your journey has intersected mine at some point subsequent to the moments that I type these words. One of the coincidences that mark our trail from start to finish. One of the flashpoints that either inspires or fails to draw attention. As beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so to true evolution of one’s spirit is in the eye of the all powerful and divine beholder.

I hope to share with you my various mini milestones along this path. Your interconnectedness to me, through the universal life force, will also allow for your reaction to alter and enhance my action. Like a pendulum whose momentum never pales – the back and forth among us can and will inspire us to move forward in a positive and perpetually improving fashion.

God is Love. God is universal. God is for all to share. God is that from which all become.

Goodbye for now.


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